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death note drabbles

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Death Note 100
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Welcome to deathnote100. Like the dozens of series-specific drabble communities that came before it, the deathnote100's main goal is to have its members continually post one hundred-word stories - otherwise known as drabbles.

Each drabble should be just a 100 words too. Drabbles sound pretty easy to write, don't you think? Then why not give the community a try?

In order to keep the community moving, every week there will be a drabble challenge. This can be almost anything. Of course, if that week's challenge doesn't speak to you, you're still free to totally ignore or borrow from it. You are not limited to posting only challenge entries. Any drabbles are welcome. If you have a drabble that's from an old challenge, but didn't post it for whatever reasons, feel free to post it whenever, even far after the challenge.


* fics that reveal specific spoilers and what chapter/episode it's in must have a warning.
* lj-cuts must be utilized so not to spam watchers' flists
* ratings should be used appropriately
* constructive criticism is usually welcomed by authors, there will be no outright insulting of either an author or their writing. Please show respect to everyone.

Due to spam, and the general inactivity of this community, all posts are now moderated.
(If anyone else would like to become moderator, please feel free to ask.