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Gelus Drabble

I'm not usually a drabble writer, but I figured that I'd give this a go.

Title: Unreciprocated
Character: Gelus
Pairing: One-sided Gelus/Misa
Warnings: None
Length: 100 wrds.
Gelus was so unlike the other Shinigami. He often felt that he wasn't one of them. He didn't want to write human names in his notebook: he cared for them. And for one human in particular.

He had watched her for months now, slowly but certainly falling in love with her. She was beautiful.

He often wondered if there was some way to be closer to her, to be at her side and protect her. But he was a Shinigami, and she was a human. His notebook would forever be used against her kind.

His love could never be returned.

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Challenge Seven

Challenge Seven
June 10 - June 17

Over-rated. It's an easy one and the resulting drabbles can be both angsty and fluffy. Let your creativity run wild! Any character can be the main focus. :) Have at it!

Also feel free to post on any of the previous challenges that has run since I've become mod at any point of time. (I'm keeping track of those challenges. It would be hard to go back and try to keep track of ALL the challenges.)