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First Impression

Challenge: Gender Swap
Title: First Impression
Author: tarigwaemir
Word Count: 184
Comments: Hee, had to get to this idea first.

"Raito-kun forgot his note at the university, and I came to bring it to him."

Sayu gaped at the stranger and managed to stammer out a reply, "Ah--oniichan's--please wait here."

She retreated and called out, "Oniichan! A friend of yours is here to return the note you left at university!"

As Raito came down the stairs, looking as calm and composed as ever, she nudged him with her elbow and whispered, "Oniichan! Since when did you have such a hot guy for a friend? Introduce me, will you?"

Raito mock-glared at her and said good-naturedly, "Scram, Sayu." His smile dropped as he turned to face the stranger.

A young man dressed in the latest fashion--leather pants, black tank top, fingerless gloves--draped himself across the doorway. His hair was dyed blond, his eyes and lips were lined with makeup, and he wore a leather collar around his throat. He smiled charmingly, his face sweet and childish despite his extravagant clothing. "Hello, I thought you would be worrying after watching the broadcast on TV, so I came--"

In one hand he held a death note.


(Much love to anyone who can write a follow-up!)

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